Hello and welcome to my Blog, my name is Chris, a bus driver for First in Bath. Married to Fiona, we live in Midsomer Norton near Bath, with Harvey the dog and Boots the cat. My main hobby is Amateur Radio and I hold the call sign G4KVI. I am the repeater keeper for GB3UB and MB7UB. I have a fascination for the weather and all things to do with nature and science. As a Christian I worship, when shifts allow at Welton Baptist These are my observations on my life, both at work and at home.

12 Jun 2015

New Bike

Much to my surprise the Insurance paid up and didn't leave me out of pocket. I still had the CBF500 which I have enjoyed using very much, in fact, so much so I have bought a CBF600SA-8 which I saw when I was picking up parts for the GS. I picked it up yesterday and although I have only ridden a few miles it seems very nice. Did need a bit of a clean which I have nearly finished so it is looking good. Hopefully it will provide years of service and fun both on the commute and ride outs.

28 May 2015

The beast is no more

As you know I ride a rather old Suzuki GS500 which has served me very well over the last four years, until now. having just bought a new front disc, battery and rear tyre someone decided to reverse in to it while it was parked outside the house. Fortunately a neighbour saw them and managed to stop them and my Wife managed to get all the details, However, I still had to come home and sort out the insurance. Today the bike was picked up and a rather nice hire bike left in it's place. I now have to wait and see what I will get for the bike which of course will be less than the replacement cost. In the meantime I hope to enjoy the CB500F I have at present.

14 Mar 2015

Driver Elite Silver Award

As you may know the company I work for has installed Green Road monitoring equipment. It monitors various aspects of driving and aims to improve safety and ride quality for passengers. each driver gets a running score, the idea is to get it as low as possible and to stay in the green. Which is a score below 20. As part of this there is an Elite driver award which is given to drivers who have had a average score of 5 for the whole year. This year I have achieved the Silver award which means I have had an average score of 5 for two years. I am very proud of this and hopefully will achieve Gold next year. I receive a tie pin and a letter from the boss.

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