Hello and welcome to my Blog, my name is Chris, a bus driver for First Mendip based in Wells, Somerset. Married to Fiona, we live in Midsomer Norton near Bath, with Boots the cat. My main hobby is Amateur Radio and I hold the call sign G4KVI. I am the repeater keeper for GB3UB and MB7UB. I have a fascination for the weather and all things to do with nature and science. I am a biker and currently ride a Honda CBfF600. As a Christian I worship, when shifts allow at St. Nicholas Church in Radstock. These are my observations on my life, both at work and at home.

22 Jul 2012

Day at New Wine

If you live in the UK you will be aware the effects the weather has had on many outdoor events. New Wine did not escape this. The ground became water logged (which it often has during previous events) however, the amount and duration of the rain gave the ground no chance to drain and dry out. So, it required a lot of hard work by the set-up crew, a break in the weather with two days of sun, a lot of prayer and the decision to delay the start by 24 hours to ensure New Wine 2012 is now under way. This meant I could spend the day on site, and see Fiona. I spent most of the day on Brown Gate ensuring delegates got on to the site with a minimum of delay. I think we managed it without to many problems and hope those on site get what they want from the teaching's, worship and fellowship.I am now back at work this week. I may pop down Thursday but will see how the week goes.

15 Jul 2012

New Wine & Olympics

A week until New Wine starts and two weeks until the Olympics. I have to say I am getting a little bit excited about both. I will only be at New Wine for one week although Fiona is stewarding both weeks. I am a little disappointed not doing both weeks but as I am driving in Weymouth during the Olympics I am not able to take three weeks off in one go. This will be the longest time I have been away on my own, although I used to work away from home three days a week. This will be six days, or more if things overrun.However, technology has moved on and with mobile phones, Skype etc I will be able to keep in touch. I will try and keep the blog updated.

8 Jul 2012

Too many Bus Stops?

Over the last few years councils have tried to encourage Bus use. They have put in Bus lanes, priority routes etc. This is great and numbers seem to have increased. They have also improved and added more Bus Stops with electronic signs etc. This is great as it means people only have to walk a short way to catch a bus. However, there is a downside to this. If someone boards a bus at the beginning of it's journey and travels to the end rather than the bus stopping ten times it could now stop twenty or thirty with both passengers boarding and alighting. This is obviously great for those boarding and alighting close to their homes but a passengers comment of 'did I get on the slow bus?' says it is not always appreciated by all. What is the answer? Maybe on some intercity routes companies could introduce fast, direct services with limited stops maybe once an hour and retaining the multi stop journeys the rest of the time.

3 Jul 2012


Even I can remember cars without indicators and the ones that popped out. I never had to use hand signals during my test, but they were mentioned. So why nearly forty years latter when car safety has come on so much is the use of indicators becoming a thing of the past? I say this because there appears to be a belief that you only indicate if you think it may help another road user. The IAM and other road safety groups have not helped this by saying thta to indicate when there is no other traffic about is a sign of lack of attention.This is fine IF people USE their mirrors and LOOK up from their in car equipment. Recently I have approached mini roundabouts and been confronted with vehicles at all exits, none of which were indicating. So, were they going straight on or turning right? I have vehicles stop and it is only the fact that there is a side turning I worked out they were turning.
 The highway code states.


Signals warn and inform other road users, including pedestrians (see 'Signals to other road users'), of your intended actions. You should always
  • give clear signals in plenty of time, having checked it is not misleading to signal at that time
  • use them to advise other road users before changing course or direction, stopping or moving off
  • cancel them after use
  • make sure your signals will not confuse others. If, for instance, you want to stop after a side road, do not signal until you are passing the road. If you signal earlier it may give the impression that you intend to turn into the road. Your brake lights will warn traffic behind you that you are slowing down
  • use an arm signal to emphasise or reinforce your signal if necessary. Remember that signalling does not give you priority    
 So please whenever you make a manoeuvre remember
M - Mirror
S - Signal
M - Manoeuvre

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