Hello and welcome to my Blog, my name is Chris, a bus driver for First Mendip based in Wells, Somerset. Married to Fiona, we live in Midsomer Norton near Bath, with Boots the cat. My main hobby is Amateur Radio and I hold the call sign G4KVI. I am the repeater keeper for GB3UB and MB7UB. I have a fascination for the weather and all things to do with nature and science. I am a biker and currently ride a Honda CBfF600. As a Christian I worship, when shifts allow at St. Nicholas Church in Radstock. These are my observations on my life, both at work and at home.

28 Feb 2008

Don't panic

Back at work yesterday and a very nice day is was. 'All Dayer' so had some time in London, so glad I live were I do. People as you know make me laugh. Yesterday morning we had just joined the M4 at J15, on time, when we came to a stop. I could just see it was an accident being cleared. We can't have been stopped for a minute when a passenger came rushing down the aisle. 'Are we going to be in Victoria on time?' Well too problems with that. a. I have do idea how long we are going to be stopped and b. it is still over 2 hours to Victoria. I was very polite and told her I could see no problem. The accident seemed have been a car hitting the central reservation and rolling over. The damage was so severe it must have been well over the 50mph limited for the roadworks. We arrived in London 15mins early due to light traffic from Heathrow to Victoria.
Left Victoria at 1800 only 13 seats left and 10 to pick up at Heathrow.Arrived at 1850 and loaded up. There were loads of 'standbys' (those booked on a later bus) as normal I said I would wait until 1900 (my departure time) and check then. 1900 arrived and I had 3 seats left. Took 3 people on their own. Shut the lockers and, 'WAIT, we are on this bus!!' I don't think so it is now 1900 and the ticket says to be a the departure point 10 mins before departure. I left them in the hands of the Heathrow staff. In theory we can 'resell' or take a standby from 10 mins before departure. In practise myself like most of the other drivers will wait up until time of departure to give booked passengers a chance.

22 Feb 2008


Off now until Wednesday. Working tomorrow though, first up so early start. Not bad because rest days and Saturdays mean more pay. Spent some time sorting the out house out. Now have a place for everything. Chain saw is working makes things so much easier. Fiona is taking park in a Dance show run by the dance school she goes to. So going to make some lunch for tomorrow and settle down in front of the TV.

17 Feb 2008

Near Miss

Bus work Saturday. Trip on 337,318/319 to Cribs Causway. Made a change from London, but the stop start at all the bus stops was beginning to drive me mad!! Today was 0715 from Bath. Full coach, and on the coldest day of the year the coach had air con, which worked. Took me a while to work out how to turn it off!
Good trip up in the sunshine, at Gloucester Road guy with his family in a people carrier tried to race me off the lights, only problem was he hadn't noticed the coach in front had stopped!! I do not think his Wife was too impressed as the front valence bounced off the road!! Old Chinese proverb say 'make sure the road ahead is clear before showing off to the Family'
Bit further down the road a cyclist came past on the inside. The van in front obviously didn't use his mirrors, turned left and knocked him off!! He got up OK and a few words were said before he rode off.
Tomorrow, all day duty and must try to get same Chainsaw oil.

Couple of hours spent by the Thames. (hard life)

13 Feb 2008

I Don't believe It

Been a very good few days. had early starts and the overnight with the city bus work. But with the weather being so good it really has not been a struggle. However this week passengers have really pushed the boat out.
Had a group of under 20's, not a problem but not sure what was going on in the toilet!! However, I was 20 once!! I did have to have a word as it is the law for everyone to wear a seatbelt. So a girl on the lap really does not count!!
Arriving at Heathrow I only had one passenger getting off. However three others got off. I told them that this was not Victoria. 'That's fine, we know' Loaded a few passengers and reversed off the bay and then a voice 'my friends are not back yet' where have they gone? 'to the toilet'. you are having a laugh, why did they not say? By this time we are out of the bus station and heading for the tunnel. 'can you let me out here?' Eh, next stop Victoria. I did ring control to let them know.
The moral is Tell the driver!!!
Tomorrow is Frome up with a diversion in Newbury so will try and not get lost.

11 Feb 2008

A Little chilly

Still on early duties this week. Weather has been great during the day, but I have had to use the de-icer spray most mornings. Seen some spectacular sun rises over London. Anyone who does not believe in God, or a higher creator, should come out and see the early morning sunrise, it always seems to be some kind of hint that the world was created for us to see and be wondered over.
Had some very kind comments from passengers, mainly about my 'smooth' driving style. One thing I hate is the sharp stop and start way that some drivers drive so I try everything I can not to drive this way. Overnight tomorrow and then lates for a while so a few restful mornings.

6 Feb 2008

Cyclists and lorries

Second up today, so 0415 alarm call. bit of a close call with a cyclist, arrived at a give way and checked to the left before puling out, as I was half way out a cyclist appeared in front of me!! How I missed him I am not sure. Anyway thought I would have a look at him when I got round the corner. This guy was on a fold up bicycle with one light about 6 inches off the ground, he was all in black even with a black scarf around his neck. I am not trying to take the blame from me and other drivers as had I hit him I think it would stop me driving. However I do think at 0530 on a wet morning that perhaps even a token bit of yellow would have helped.

Next thing today was the old problem of overtaking lorries. I must have hit the M4 as they came from the ferry but it was awful. Mainly, I have to say foreign lorries who do not seem to know that many vehicles cannot use Lane 3. However I would like to thank the drivers in lane 1 who did slow and let the plonkers pass.

3 Feb 2008

Having a great time

Been on holiday for a week now and really enjoying it. I have got most of the 'little' jobs done. Been able to attend Church and Cell Church for two weeks running. I have realised how spirituality low I had become. back to work on Tuesday so trying to get my self organised. We have an open fire at home and coal and logs are not that cheap so I have bought a Briquette maker, this enables to use all our unwanted paper and make it into burnable bricks. Seems to work very well but they do take a long time to dry! So trying to get a good stock made up.

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