Hello and welcome to my Blog, my name is Chris, a bus driver for First Mendip based in Wells, Somerset. Married to Fiona, we live in Midsomer Norton near Bath, with Harvey the dog and Boots the cat. My main hobby is Amateur Radio and I hold the call sign G4KVI. I am the repeater keeper for GB3UB and MB7UB. I have a fascination for the weather and all things to do with nature and science. I am a biker and currently ride a Honda CBfF600. As a Christian I worship, when shifts allow at St. Nicolas Church in Radstock. These are my observations on my life, both at work and at home.

30 Sep 2011

Got to get past the bus

A Bus is a relatively slow vehicle and as such most people, including me, do not really want to be stuck behind one. Most people will reluctantly sit behind until a safe opportunity occurs. Others choose to overtake with seamanly little regard to their own and any one else's safety. I have over the last couple of days had some scary examples of this. First, I was waiting in a queue approaching a set of traffic lights when a lady in a Range Rover started to overtake, she found to her and most people in the queue amazement that there was no where to go. She had to reverse back down the line. Luckily there was no one coming the other way or no pedestrians crossing assuming no traffic to be coming from that direction. The second had the potential to have lead to a fatal accident. I was waiting at a pedestrian crossing while a lady crossed when a car overtook me! The poor lady had to take evasive action to prevent being run over. The question is what on earth is going through these peoples minds?

28 Sep 2011

First group mobile site

As you know I work for First and as such I am always a little guarded on what I say about my employer. However, I feel I must mention their 'new' mobile site. I was unaware this was in existence, but having tried it I must say it is rather good. It enables fast access to timetables and ticket information,plus service updates. if you travel by First Bus this is well worth bookmaking on your mobile.


11 Sep 2011


Yesterday was a very busy and long day. It started with me helping to set-up and operate an Amateur radio special event station. This one was GB1MSN at the Midsomer Norton Methodist church for the Churches on the Air event. Station was set-up Ok but radio conditions can only be described as, pants. The location of the church, being right down in the town also did not help and we only managed a couple of contacts. However, we had a very long chat with a local radio presenter and also some interest regarding Scout Jamboree on the Air (JOTA)

9 Sep 2011

I can see your pants

You have probably all noticed that many young, and not so young people wear their trousers round their bums exposing their pants, and more. I always wondered why, and how they walked without falling over. A search on google brought up a couple of ideas, but that one that now makes me smile whenever I see the half mast brigade is this one.

In prison, men tended/tend to have sexual relations with each other since female companionship is lacking. One way men "showed interest" in relations was to sag their pants, letting other men know they were willing. So, basically, its root stems from a request for gay male sex in prison. Every time I see a man sagging, I burst out laughing. If they only knew.

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