Hello and welcome to my Blog, my name is Chris, a bus driver for First Mendip based in Wells, Somerset. Married to Fiona, we live in Midsomer Norton near Bath, with Harvey the dog and Boots the cat. My main hobby is Amateur Radio and I hold the call sign G4KVI. I am the repeater keeper for GB3UB and MB7UB. I have a fascination for the weather and all things to do with nature and science. I am a biker and currently ride a Honda CBfF600. As a Christian I worship, when shifts allow at St. Nicholas Church in Radstock. These are my observations on my life, both at work and at home.

20 Oct 2014

Stand up straight

Some of you know I have been suffering from a bad back for some time. Had a couple of trips to the Doctor and told I have a trapped nerve. Given pain killers and referred for physiotherapy. However the pain and loss of feeling in my arm has become worse. Turns out I have medical cover so for the first time in many years I went private. Rang the local hospital and seen today!. Turns out that due to my poor posture over the years and possibly the various knee injuries I have a disc in my spine is pressing on a nerve causing the pain and numbness in my arm. After the hour session things have eased a little and I have a list of exercise to do during the day to loosen my back up. Hopefully I can prevent any future damage. So all those people that kept telling me to 'stand up straight Dunn'. You were correct!!

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