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17 Mar 2013

At a crossroads?

For those that know me, or have read this blog will know the last couple of years have had their ups and downs. The last year has been especially hard as I found myself, at times in a deep depression. Looking back this may have been my reluctance to appreciate just how fragile life is and how quickly things can change. Over the last year I have often had an overwhelming desire to just run away, I have no idea where to or why or what I would do. So, I was very surprised to wake up one morning with a complete sense of peace and a feeling that I was at a crossroads. However, I have no idea where the roads lead and what reason I would have to take them. My Christian belief tells me to listen to God. I read the bible every day and this also seems to be giving me the feeling I am at a life changing point in my life. Over the last couple of days things have happened that would suggest the plan (God's) is to stay here but previous experience has shown me life can take some pretty spectacular turns. Don't worry despite my feelings I don't plan to run off just yet. After all what would happen to the cat, the dog and my wife Fiona. I just thought I would share these thoughts with you as there may be some of you in the same situation and it may help me to write these thoughts down. So lets see where this week takes me?

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Robert G4PYR said...

I think we all get the urge to be elsewhere from time to time, I call it the greener grass syndrome.

I always remember what somebody once said to me they said "Even though the grass may appear greener on the other side of the fence it's still just grass."

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