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1 Jan 2014

And we think we have it bad.

This was on one of my user groups.

The WA8LMF VHF-HF-ISS Satgate APRS igate, UI-webserver and EchoLink node was
off-line, after an electric power outage caused by the massive ice storm that
hit the US Midwest on the night of Saturday 21 December. Tens of thousands of
trees in the area collapsed under the weight of up to a half-inch of ice on
every branch. For the first 4 or 5 days, one would randomly heard a sound like
a gunshot and then a small explosion, as another large branch would break off a
tall tree and crash to the ground. Even though I had massive battery backup for
the hamshack, the collapsing trees took out the Comcast cable line cutting off
my Internet connection, along with the AC power. The power was out for 9 days
here in the East Lansing, Michigan area with nighttime temperatures going as
low as 0 F (-17 C).

Consumers Energy, the utility that serves most of the lower peninsula of
Michigan, had 200,000 accounts without power in the days immediately after the
storm. They brought in over 1,000 workers from neighboring states and as far
away as Missouri on a mutual-aid response for the recovery effort. My power
was finally restored yesterday (Monday 30 December).

The WA8LMF APRS igate and webserver is now back on line and fully functional at

<http://wa8lmf.net/map> .

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