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21 Sep 2014

A pants week

Finally at the end of a week of earlies. That is 0615, which is not that early but since my little illness I have found early shifts very difficult. Anyway they have not really been a problem and I have not been left with the overwhelming tiredness I have become used to over the last couple of years.
What has spoiled the week has been the almost constant 'late running'. It seemed at times that I was never running a service on time. This obviously upset the passengers and me and although I can claim for overtime and submit 'loss mileage'  forms to show why I have not completed a journey, after a week it has begun to show and I have got a little upset and angry. Bit stupid really when some of the delays are caused by roadworks and other external factors. However, some have been caused by insufficient time being given to complete the trip, and it seems at times that those producing the timings are a a little out of touch with the real world and this is something the passengers pick up on,fortunately most realise it is not the drivers fault. This week has however taken me back to when I was a field support engineer, as soon as I had a problem reported to me I would always go and have a look for myself, something that obviously is not happening to running times. Anyway, off tomorrow so a relaxing day and a bit of time with God and then back to work and hopefully a little more enjoyable than this week.

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