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5 Jul 2013

How to catch a bus

This week has had it's fair share of 'bus virgins'. One gent was over 50 and had lost his licence and this was the first time he had used a bus . So I though I would put together the Chris  foolproof guide to using a bus.

  1. Planning. Always try and check BEFORE you get to the bus stop. Most companies have their timetables on line or over the phone or you could even check at the bus stop before you travel. This simple step will avoid the 'I've been waiting nearly an hour for you' because you arrived at the stop 5mins after an hourly service.
  2. Signal. As the time comes that your bus should arrive. Get ready, stop looking at you electronic device etc and have all your bags to hand. As the bus approaches check the destination on the front and put you hand straight out to signal to the driver you want that bus. Always ensure the driver has seen you before putting you hand down.
  3. Money. Bus travel costs money so have it ready. Most fairs are between £2 - £7 so a supply of £1, 50p, 20p 10p will ensure you have some chance of having the correct money. If you only have notes don't slap it on the counter and announce 'single to town' Apologise for the note and most drivers will take it with a smile.
  4. On the bus. Once you have your ticket find a seat and settle down as quickly as you can. The driver will wait until you have seated so if they are late he and your fellow passengers will not take too kindly if you mess about. If you do have trouble with movement please tell the driver so they know there may be a delay.
  5. Arriving. If you do not know exactly where you need to get off, ask the driver. That way you can ensure you do not miss your stop. If you do know ring the bell in plenty of time and wait for the bus to stop before making your way off the bus thanking the driver as you leave.
There my simple guide to bus use. Hope it helps.

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