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28 Mar 2018

Have I missed someting?

All over the news today are reports on plans to introduce a deposit scheme on plastic bottles. I have a better idea. You buy a drink in a plastic bottle and when you've used it place it in a container. Once a week you place said container outside your house and if you're lucky a lorry comes along and takes your bottle to a recycling centre.
OK, all joking apart I can see several things wrong with this.

  •  Can you actually remember where you bought the bottle from? 
  • Will you have to prove you bought it there?
  • What if that is several hundred miles from your home?
  • I am sure there must be some H & S regulation about handling used bottles
  • I can see the kids and adults running up and down the road on recycling day, collecting all the plastic bottles and taking them down to their local Tesco!!
 So. The question is. What point have I missed??

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