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11 Feb 2012

Venerable road users

Ok, for those that know me will realise I do not have much regard for cyclists. This comes only from what I see in my daily travels. However, I thought it might me a good idea to try being a little more positive so I have come up with some advise for Venerable Road Users. This includes, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.
The main thing to note is that if a VRU comes into contact with other road users the result is more than likely the death of the VRU. So my view is that the VRU's need to practice defensive working and stop blaming the other road users.VRU's must assume other road users HAVE NOT seen them and act appropriately. You need to ensure you make yourself visible, by using lights, reflective clothing or even using a bell or whistle.
When I took park in some motorcycle training a Police officer told me.

'It is no use stating you were in the right while sitting in the back of an Ambulance'

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Stephen said...

Fair comment. What annoys me are those aggressive cyclists who deliberately charge infront of other traffic wearing their vulnerability as a badge and putting the onus on other road users to avoid an accident that they are encouraging.

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